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Based in Portugal, Primeslot started in September of 2007, and it was introduced to the aviation market in January of 2008.

Through the years, Primeslot has gained the trust of several airlines. Our services consist of operational support by charging a fixed cost with no disbursement fees charges.

With a very transparent relationship with our clients, we help to reduce their operational costs in different areas by offering several services.

Working with different airlines internal procedures, Primeslot created a very consistent internal method, in order to avoid mistakes caused by the varying operations of flight manual procedures, fuel policies, weight units, aircraft and flights type (schedule, non-schedule, cargo, charter, ACMI, private, business,  humanitarian or ad-hoc).

Our professionals achieved more experience and became professionals multi-skilled.

Welcome to our world… and take-off with us!



We can prove our results.

Airlines have been searching for a method to improve their competitive position while at the same time, there has been a growth in the outsourcing providers, by becoming a partner with a dual effect on the airline, allowing it to save money and provide a work of excellence to operators.
Many airlines use outsourcing as a method to control costs, improving efficiency and profitability.

Charter & Wet Lease

We are representative sales of Operators.

We can quote you a flight for pax or cargo, in order to fulfil your needs.


Flight Dispatch 24/7

Specialized Team, with ICAO license of FOO.

As the former CEO and President of Southwest Airlines Herb Kelleher stated: "Dispatchers are the heart of the airline."

The dispatcher's responsibility is to guarantee that an aircraft can safely perform a flight from its origin until its destination.

Safety is mandatory in aviation, and we work every day to accomplish it.

We are ready to take your request, either urgent or not.

- Flight plan with live/historical winds (CFP)

- Route study for commercial purposes

- Route costs optimization taking into account fuel tankering and overflights

- ETOPS flight plan

- ATC Flight plan coordination

- CFMU slot coordination

- Terrain avoidance

- Airports, weather, and NOTAM analysis

- Flight Watch


Operational Coordination Center

With our team, you will save time and resources.

Our OCC team coordinates all the services necessary ahead, to smooth the operation while

the aircraft is on the ground, such as:

- Handling arrangements

- Fuel arrangements

- MVT messages

- PNL messages

- Special pax requests

- Communication in real time with the handling, before the aircraft arrival, to prevent delays.

- Catering arrangements

- Hotel accommodation

- Crew transfer

- Flight monitoring

Let us do what we know best, by becoming an extension of your team.


Overflight/Landing Permits Worldwide

Make your work easier

Overflight and landing permits shall be requested and granted before your aircraft can legally enter the FIR of another country.

Our team can get you all the necessary permits for your route.

We have experience by working with commercial, cargo, private, executive and humanitarian flights.

- Overflight permits

- Landing permits

- Block permits

- Diplomatic clearances

 Wherever you are flying to… with us, you will ALWAYS be ON TIME!



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Rua Caminho Vale Carneiro n.4, Bloco C1, R/C, 2655-433 Ericeira Portugal

T (+351) 261 113 025

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